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Telstra Network Outage in 2016

Telstra suffered a nationwide network outage four times last year 2016. The first network outage was in February 2016. That time, Telstra blamed human error after an engineer caused a nationwide outage affecting millions of customers for several hours by accidentally switching off a core node. That was the only start and ended up with fourth time network outage with Telstra in the year 2016. Users vented their frustration at being unable to use their NBN and ADSL services on the internet and on wall of social media. And, the outage was Australia wide. 

Telstra has committed to improving their network infrastructure by spending $25 million for upgrading the network monitoring tools and another $25 million for speeding up the network recovery time. 

In order to compensate the outage, Telstra offered free data days where users ended up downloading a record amount over a 24 hour period.